Carrément Beau

Carrément Beau is a nostalgic girls clothing brand with a playful twist. Classic wardrobe staples and statement pieces are reimagined, updated with mischievous prints and quirky details. Neutral base shades of navy, taupe and tan are interrupted with splashes of pink, burgundy and duck egg blue, expressing the brand’s youthful heart.

The Carrément Beau look is preppy, traditional and sweet, each easy-to-wear piece made to last. Premium fabrics and classic cuts provide a sense of timelessness while embodying the innocent spirit of childhood.

Among our collection, we stock a range of pretty jogsuits and dresses in the softest of materials and pretty pastel shades. Our ivory top and shorts sets add a touch of effortless sparkle, while this gorgeous faux fur ceremony coat provides ultimate winter luxury.

Treat her feet to our range of Carrement Beau shoes, including soft weave sandals perfect for warmer seasons.

We also have a beautiful selection of Carrement Beau baby clothes including dresses, jumpers and cardigans, enabling you to dress even the littlest of princesses in style.

Elegant in their simplicity, Carrement Beau designs can be worn in any context, from the cobbled streets of provincial France to the streets of downtown Manhattan.

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