A Dee

A Dee, formerly Ariana Dee, was launched through Picture Book Fashion in 2012 by founders Andrew and Michelle Molloy, and a collaboration with designer Arianne de Ridder.

Each with a genuine passion for unique childrenswear, the team focused on launching a 'complete look' clothing label for girls aged 3 to 12, covering every aspect of essential wear, from shoes to coats to accessories. The key visualisation of A Dee is to create full outfits and accessories, becoming a 'one stop' destination for parents to dress their little girls.

In 2013, the label began to expand its range with the arrival of a toddler collection, footwear and swimwear. In the same year, Picture Book Fashion also launched a sister label, Mitch & Son, to cater to little boys with the same fresh, clean, bright designs.

At Kids Cavern we stock a wide range of A Dee clothing, including A Dee coats, jackets, dresses, sandals. and more. Whether you need a new summer outfit to keep your little girl feeling cool and fresh, or are looking for the perfect gift to give to a loved one, you're sure to find it here in our collection.

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