Proudly worn by icons across the globe, Balmain is the designer brand to go for if your little cub loves to stand out from the crowd!

Balmain is one of the most versatile designer fashion brands in the industry, recognised for its ability to bring sharp, bold and exquisitely tailored garments to life. Each Balmain collection within our childrenswear range brings something new to the table, with an extensive selection of stylish garments that effortlessly ooze taste and luxury.

At Kids Cavern, we’re passionate about providing the best selection of designer clothing for kids to our customers. That’s why we’re certain that our carefully curated range of Balmain Paris delivers the sleekest and most on-trend looks, thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

Explore a wide range of sizes and styles to suit both boys and girls - as well as plenty of gorgeous Balmain unisex pieces waiting to be discovered.

You’ll find a wide range of the most popular Balmain t shirt and Balmain jeans options here at Kids Cavern, as well as an assortment of the most immaculately presented Balmain blazer options, all tailored to perfection.

Don’t miss out on our unparalleled selection of Balmain childrenswear. Shop today and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £150*.

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  • Balmain Girls Black Logo Front Dress
    From £92.50 Regular Price £185.00
  • Balmain Boys Navy Logo Button Detail Polo Shirt
    From £105.50 Regular Price £211.00
  • Balmain Girls Pink Logo Button Blazer
    From £355.00 Regular Price £710.00
  • Balmain Boys Black Cargo Detail Tracksuit
    From £591.00
  • Balmain Girls Black Branded Boots
    From £388.00
  • Balmain Unisex Kids Black Jogging Bottoms
    From £195.00
  • Balmain Baby Boys Black Taped Tracksuit
    From £408.00
  • Balmain Girls Pink Logo Panelled Crop T-Shirt
    From £72.50 Regular Price £145.00
  • Balmain Girls Pink Logo Motif Sweatshirt
    From £186.00
  • Balmain Girls Pink & Gold Logo T-Shirt
    From £120.00
  • Balmain Boys White Ombre Logo T-Shirt
    From £146.00
  • Items 1-36 of 161

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