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  • 11 Back to School Hairstyles Your Girl Will Love

    Easy back to school hairstyles Image credit: Style Interest

    With the new school term now in full swing, your little ones will no doubt be settling into their new routines nicely.

    And a big part of that routine for girls involves - you guessed it - hair styling!

    The right hair style can make all the difference to your little girl's day at school. As well as helping her look smart and presentable, hair styles can also be a form of expression and creativity, and a way to customise an otherwise rigid school uniform.

    Whether you're on hairdresser duty every morning, or your girl likes to do her hair herself, we've got 11 cute, sophisticated back-to-school hairstyles for you to try below. All of them are heatless (so better for her hair), are speedy enough to do in the mornings and easy enough for her to try herself (giving you a little more morning time - win win!).

    Each one will keep her hair tidily out of her face while also allowing her to feel confident heading off to school.

    Check them out below!


    Cute & Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

    Barette Side Part

    Barette side part hairstyle Image credit: Barefoot Blonde

    The cheeky barette side part is a relaxed and effortless hairstyle that will make her feel like a tropical princess! The addition of barrettes also adds a classic 90s charm.

    1. Part her hair down the middle and add a little texture or sea salt spray to achieve tousled beachy waves. Run product through hair.
    2. Sweep hair back behind the ear on one or both sides and clip in some shiny barettes down the side, about an inch and a half apart.


    Slicked Back Ponytail

    Slicked back ponytail for school Image credit: Awesum Hair

    A high ponytail is always a sleek, sophisticated look, but you can give it a twist by wrapping around hair at the base or adding some ribbon or accessories.

    1. Brush her hair to get rid of any knots and tangles. As an optional step, run some anti-frizz serum through the lengths to add smoothness and shine.
    2. Gather the hair up at the top of the head, brushing to get rid of any bumps, and then secure with a metal-free hair elastic.
    3. Take a half inch width piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic tie so that it is covered. Secure with a bobby pin or two.

    This hairstyle also works great with pigtails!


    French Braids

    French braids school hairstyle Image credit: Pinterest

    Ever a classic, French braids allow hair to stay tamed and tangle-free and work in both short and long hair.

    1. Brush hair to get rid of knots and add a bit of anti-frizz serum or hair oil to keep hair nourished and smooth whilst in the braids.
    2. Part hair down the middle. Split each half into three sections and braid, starting from either the top of the head or lower down for casual plaits. Secure each braid with a metal-free hair tie.

    Top tip: Do this hairstyle while hair is slightly damp to enjoy awesome loose mermaid waves the next morning! #twohairstylesinone.


    Braided Low Ponytail

    Braided low ponytail for school Image credit: Olivia Rink

    Can't decide between a braid or a ponytail? Have both!

    This braided low ponytail is the perfect laid-back relaxed style but still impressive enough to turn heads.

    1. Divide hair into three sections and begin braiding from the back of her head.
    2. When enough of the braid has taken shape, secure the rest of the hair in a metal-free hair tie to make a ponytail. Take one section of hair and wrap it around the hair band to disguise it and create a sleek, finished look. Pin to secure.
    3. OPTIONAL: Curl pieces of the ponytail with a curling wand for extra sass and sophistication.


    Top Knot

    Top knot school hairstyle Image credit: @castillo_13

    The top knot is a classic style which is used by everybody - from busy mums to female CEOs to celebs on the red carpet.

    1. Brush hair to remove all knots and tangles, and if necessary smooth hair with an anti-frizz smoothing serum.
    2. Gather hair at the top of the head and brush into a ponytail. Secure with a metal-free hair tie.
    3. Twist the ponytail and wrap around the base to create a top knot. Secure with a second hair tie.
    4. You can choose to keep this style smooth and sleek, or soften it up a little by leaving some strands loose to frame the face. You can also make the bun a little messier by teasing out strands before and after securing.
    5. OPTIONAL: Accessorise with some ribbon or cute butterfly clips, 90s style.


    Half-up Braided Bun

    Half up braided bun school hairstyle Image credit: Rach Martino

    The half-up braided bun is a unique twist on the traditional and will definitely have heads at school turning.

    1. Take three small pieces of hair either side of the face and make two thin braids.
    2. Bring both braids round towards the back of the head and either tie together, or twist into a bun (if hair is long enough).

    This hairstyle also looks great when rocking loose, beachy waves.


    Rope Braid Ponytail

    How to do a rope braid ponytail Image credit: Luxy Hair

    This style adds a great twist on your usual high ponytail - literally! It works best on longer hair that is all the same length.

    1. Brush hair to rid it of knots and tangles and add a little volumising spray if hair is very flat.
    2. Gather hair up at the top of the head and secure with a hair tie to make a high ponytail.
    3. Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist each one so that it is almost like a 'sausage' shape.
    4. Wrap the two hair sausages around each other until you reach the ends of the hair. Secure with a hair tie.


    Space Buns

    Space buns for school how-to Image credit: Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Space buns may have been the ultimate 90s style, but luckily they're still just as fashionable today. We also love that they're so easy to recreate!

    1. Part hair down the centre and brush hair to get rid of knots.
    2. Gather each section of hair high up on the head and secure with a hair tie. Then, take each ponytail separately and twist it around the base to create a top knot on each side of the head. Secure each with a hair tie.
    3. OPTIONAL: Accessories each bun with a ribbon or add butterfly clips down the sides.

    Top tip: For extra flare, try braiding each section first for cool braided space buns! You can also blend this with a half-up, half-down style to keep changing things up.


    Side-Parted Low Pony

    Side parted low pony how to Image credit: Good Housekeeping

    A low pony doesn't have to be basic when you simply switch the parting! This side-parted low pony is effortless, elegant and chic.

    1. Brush hair to rid it of any knots. Decide how far over you'd like your side part to be, and starting from there, begin brushing hair over to the opposite side, taking care to get a nice straight line.
    2. Gather hair at the base of the head and secure with a metal-free hair tie. You might decide to take the ponytail to the side or keep it at the back - it's up to you.
    3. Accessorise the ponytail with ribbon or cutesy barettes down the side.


    Milkman Braids

    Milkman braids how to Image Credit: Missy Sue YouTube

    Milkman braids (also known as the halo braid) are a cute and neat little style that will take her perfectly from lessons to dance class and make her feel like a princess!

    1. Divide hair down the centre into two sections. Braid each section and secure each with a hair tie.
    2. Bring each braid to the top of the head and wrap them around so that they form a halo. Secure them in place with bobby pins.
    3. You can choose to keep this style neat and slick, or soften it by pulling out a few strands to frame the face.
    4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray, if needed.


    Clipped-Back Bob

    Clipped back bob how to Image credit: Good Housekeeping

    Short hair always looks so cute, but what about when your girl wants to grow it out? Luckily, the right accessories can create an adorable, carefree look.

    1. Brush through hair and then comb it to one side to create a side parting.
    2. Using either butterfly clips or pretty barettes, sweep the side with less hair behind the ear and secure so that it stays away from her face.
    3. You can also accessorise this look with a headband or a beautiful statement bow!


    What styles are your kids rocking this term? Are you going to try any of the ones listed above? Let us know with a comment!

  • The Kids Back-to-School Clothes You Need this Term

    Kids back to school kids

    It’s that time of year again – when the kids are going back to school and summer already feels like a distant memory.

    Whether you’re sad to see your little ones go, or are counting down the days (we know you miss those daytime impromptu shopping trips), you’ll no doubt be thinking about what they’re going to wear and all the things you need to buy to make their new school term run smoothly.

    Luckily at Kids Cavern, we know how the right styles can make back-to-school shopping much more fun. We’re excited about our new range of kids back-to-school clothes, from dependable coats and jackets, to stylish school bags, to smart and practical designer school shoes.

    With brands like Gucci, Lelli Kelly, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Moncler, Timberland, DSquared2 and more, you’ll be able to choose a school uniform that’s stylish as well as functional, making the start of a new term a little less scary.


    Your Back to School Checklist

    Have you got everything your kids need for the new term ahead? Your school may provide its own recommendations, but we’ve listed the basics here below.

    • School coat (warm, durable and preferably waterproof, ready for the Autumn/Winter weather)
    • School shoes (smart, comfy and of course must be durable!)
    • School socks/tights
    • Woolly hat, gloves & scarf (for when that winter chill kicks in)
    • School bag (easy to carry and with enough room for all their classroom essentials)
    • Gym bag (lightweight and roomy for their sports kit or swim clothes)
    • Lunch box or bag
    • Reusable water bottle or flask
    • Pencil case or tin
    • Handwriting pens (black or blue; don’t forget the spares!)
    • Coloured pens/pencils
    • Ruler, eraser & sharpener
    • Planner or journal (if your kids’ school doesn’t already provide one)


    Kids Back to School Clothes – Our Picks

    Looking for some inspiration when choosing your kids’ back to school wardrobe? Here are some of the pieces we’re definitely crushing on…


    School Coats & Jackets

    This Le Chic navy ruffle coat is a lovely addition to any school uniform (also available in grey). Made with a cosy polyester filling and fleecy lining, it’ll keep your girl warm and toasty and the faux fur collar is conveniently detachable.

    Girls Le Chic navy coat

    Also a favourite is this girls pink padded coat from A Dee. It features a warm fleecy lining and adorable heart stitched detail on the front, all finished with a comfortable tie waist and diamante zip detail.

    Girls designer pink coat

    In those early weeks, a light waterproof cover might be all she needs. In that case we recommend the Billieblush glittery rain cape which, with transparent all-over glitter detail and colourful striped trimming, will really add some sparkle into her day.

    Girls designer rain cape

    For boys, this Boss navy puffer jacket has been increasingly popular. Designed with Thermolite Ecomode insulation, it’s warm with a soft lining, front zip fastening and hood. It’s even made from 100% recycled resources, adding an extra feel-good factor!

    Boys Boss navy jacket

    Meanwhile, the Moncler Enfant black ‘New Maya’ coat is also a great option, with down padding, reliable polyamide outer, a front zip fastening and Moncler branding to arm.

    Moncler boys coat

    Finally, we love this Timberland navy puffer jacket, which comes with a handy detachable hood, fleece-lined collar and the Timberland signature logo on chest.

    Boys Timberland back to school coat

    Designer School Shoes

    We’ve got a fabulous range of trendy back-to-school shoes your little ones will love.

    These Melissa & Vivienne Westwood black orb jelly shoes will be the envy of all her friends, made of soft PVC with the iconic Vivienne Westwood orb logo to front. We also love these Lelli Kelly black patent unicorn shoes, which feature cute sparkling unicorn buckle straps and two additional straps that are interchangeable.

    Melissa black jelly orb shoes

    Girls Lelli Kelly school shoes

    Boys will be more than comfortable in these soft leather black Kickers ‘Kick Lo’ shoes, which come with a comfy sole, easy-to-fasten Velcro straps and the iconic Kickers branding on each shoe. Alternatively, you can choose the Kickers ‘Kick Scuff’ shoes, also made of leather with a single velcro strap.

    Boys black Kickers school shoes

    Kids Kickers black velcro school shoes


    Kids School Bags

    When it comes to back-to-school bags and backpacks, getting something that’s both stylish and fit for purpose can be tricky. We’re confident though that our fantastic range will have them itching to go back to school!

    New in, this Gucci beige ‘GG’ ranch backpack is simply stunning. With the signature Gucci print all over and rainbow branding to front, it offers a roomy main compartment with additional front zip pocket for all his or her essentials.

    Gucci kids school bag

    Meanwhile this beige Burberry backpack is great for his first day back, boasting the iconic Burberry check design and even doubling up as a cool belt bag! We also love this black Dolce & Gabbana neoprene backpack, which is fantastically resistant against spills and splashes and looks super sleek, with stylish leather trims and embossed D&G logo to front.

    Boys Burberry backpack

    D&G kids backpack

    Boys will no doubt love this black Balmain branded backpack, which comes with additional zip compartment, double zip fastening and adjustable straps.

    Kids Balmain backpack



    What’s your favourite part of back-to-school shopping? Take a look at our range of Back to School clothes and get your new term wardrobe sorted.

  • Stay Safe In The Sun With Sunuva!

    We know how important staying safe in the sun is, we know exactly how parents feel worrying about there little ones getting burnt. Sunuva look after this so you don't have to, with a wide range of cute,  UV-protective swimwear for children. This range is all created using premium Italian fabric and provides 50+ UPF (UV Protection Factor) defence against 97% of the sun's harmful rays.


    Sunuva Baby Suit

    First up is the adorable Sunuva Coral Bunny Top and Coral & White Frill Knickers,  this makes the cutest little outfit for your holidays, with all arms & chest covered you can relax while your little one has fun in the sun! For the older children we have this stunning White & Blue Swimsuit that both you and your child will love this on trend piece whilst staying protected.

    Sunuva Girls Swimming Costume

    For boys we also have a range of different prints to keep them safe in the sun this summer...

    Firstly we have this adorable pale blue ship two piece with a cute ship theme running through, these two pieces paired together make a cool , stylish outfit whilst stay sun safe! For older boys we have the green zebra printed set which is on trend now with its neon green detailing . Finally we have the float outfit, this is perfect for those babies who are just experiencing water and are trying to build their confidence with water and aid your little one in learning how swim... how exciting!

    You can shop all of the range here at Kids Cavern!


  • Easter Outfits

    Easter Outfits

    Lily Gaufrette

    Lily Gaufrette

    Lily Gaufree

    The perfect outfit for Easter by Lily Gaufrette with a cute top paired with pretty pink shorts with bow detailing. You can then accessorise your outfit with these Moschino Sliders and Trestelle headband to complete the look!

    You can shop this look online and instore now:

    Lily Gaufrette Shorts Set

    Moschino Sliders

    Trestelle Headband 

    Antony Morato

    Antony Morato



    Antony Morato Boys

    This outfit by Antony Morato is perfect for spring and summer, layer with the blue hoodie for coolers days or rock the white t-shirt with shorts for summer days! Pair with Dsquared trainers to get the look!

    Shop online and instore now:

    Antony Morato Hoodie

    Antony Morato Shorts

    Antony Morato T-Shirt

    Dolce & Gabbana


    Get the look this spring with this gorgeous outfit from Dolce & Gabbana, pair with a pair of black trainers and even our signature Dolce & Gabbana Cap!

    Shop online now:

    Black Jacket

    White Top

    Denim Shorts

  • Moschino Mania


    Moschino's new summer collection has landed and it is as amazing as ever! With loud, bold and colourful prints your bound to stand out this season!

    Here is a look at our top picks for: boys, girls and baby!


    New season baby Moschino

    Get the look this summer with Moschino baby, this stunning red dress would be perfect for any occasion this summer and be perfect for any summer holidays paired with red sandals and a sun kissed glow. On the subject of holidays this Moschino swimming costume is adorable, this would make the perfect accessory for any little girls holiday! For your'e little boy this lightweight shorts set will be perfect to keep your little one cool this summer, pair with summer sandals... we suggest our clear Igors to get the look!

    Shop now:

    1. Red Dress-
    2. Swimming Costume-
    3. Blue Short Suit-

    Moschino Girls Summer 2019

    Moschino have a wide range of prints this summer in their girls collection, from heart print to bright colourful prints to get you summer ready! Firstly is this playsuit for relaxing, comfy days this summer this is the perfect choice. If your going on holiday this summer then this bikini is a must!! this adorable print will look amazing on a sunny day! If you're looking for something more colourful then this yellow dress is the one for you, with frilled detailing to the sleeve this dress is just adorable!!

    Shop Now:

    1. Playsuit-
    2. Bikini-
    3. Yellow Dress-



    Moschino have gone for the comfy but stylish range this summer with lots of shorts and t-shirts that will see you through the whole of summer. Whether to you like to stick to classic colours or go for a more bold look Moschino have got you covered!

    Shop Now:

    1. White Top & Grey Shorts Set-
    2. Black Sweatshirt-
    3. Grey & Blue Shorts Set-
  • Valentines Day!!

    kids cavern valentines day ideas

    Happy Valentines Day to you all, today we thought we would share a few of our favourite

    pieces for this valentines day !

    The Girls

    Moschino Pink Teddy Bear Top & Red Monnlisa TopDolce & Gabbana Trainers & Guess Strawberry Bag

    This Moschino teddy bear top is the perfect top for Valentines Day, this pink top with the heart detailing is just simply stunning and will take you right through the summer season paired with denim shorts! Next up is this stunning Monnalisa Top again pair with jeans or cute denim shorts for the summer season and pair with these Dolce & Gabbana Trainers for a chic look!

    You can't forget about the all important accessories and they dont come cuter than this Guess bag!

    The Boys 

    Givenchy Red Top and Red and grey Mitch and Son Suit

    Dsquared Trainers & Moncler red hat

    Get this look this Valentines Day with this Givenchy Red Top pair with black jeans in these colder winter days then style with shorts for in the sunnier climate! Or get prepared for summer with this Mitch & Son suit  perfect for comfy summer days or days by the peach!

    Every boy loves a new pair of trainers, dont they?! These Dsquared2 trainers will be perfect for the upcoming season again with jeans or shorts topped off with this Moncler hat to get the complete look!

  • Get Halloween Ready!

    Its that time of year again...Halloween. But dont worry were here to give you a helping hand this Halloween with inspiration for both boys and girls this season! With only two days to go dont delay get your Halloween outfits sorted!

    Boys Halloween Outfits by Kids Cavern Boys Halloween Outfits by Kids Cavern


    Get the look with this Moose Knuckles Sweatshirt, pair with black skinny jeans for the perfect look! Also not forgetting Philip Plein, there studded detailing makes for the perfect Halloween outfit! Pair any outfit with this statement backpack and hat to complete the look!


    Get the look here:


    1. Moose Knuckles Sweatshirt 
    2. Philip Plein Skull Top 
    3. Philip Plein Backpack 
    4. C.P Company Hat 


    Girls Halloween Outfits by Kids Cavern Girls Halloween Outfits by Kids Cavern

    For you girls you can rock our Gaudi Teen faux leather leggings paired with Fun & Fun Dress or with our embellished jumpers! To complete the look pair with a headband from Special Day or Catimini!

    1. Fun & Fun Dress
    2. Gaudi Teen Rock Jumper
    3. Wild Jumper
    4. Faux Leather leggings
    5. Catimini Yellow Ear Muffs
    6. Special Day red & black headband 


    We hope you have a fabulous Halloween!


  • Back To School

    Summer is nearly over (sigh) and time for the kids to go back to school and time for the dreaded school shops, uniforms, coats, bag and most importantly shoes!

    We have picked out our favourites from our collection to share with you all!



    1. Lelli Kelly Julia T Bar Shoes 
    2. Mini Melissa Glitter Bow Shoes 
    3. Kickers T Bar Shoes

    T Bar school shoes are a firm favourite of ours, ranging from the classic style by Kickers or something a little different from Lelli Kelly. If patent leather is not your thing then we have T Bar Kickers available in matte black too, so there is something for everyone.


    1. Kickers Troiko Shoes 
    2. Kickers Ressan Shoes
    3. Kickers Velcro Shoes

    At Kids Cavern we love Kickers, we have a wide range were there is something to suit everyone from lace up to velcro fastening in a range of different sizes.




    1. Fendi Black Monster Backpack 
    2. Gucci Girls Red Logo Backpack
    3. Fendi Girls Black & Pink Backpack 
    4. Parajumpers Black Backpack

    No school uniform is stylish without a new backpack right?! We have some gorgeous backpacks for you to chose from shop here! 

    Next up is girls coats!


    1. A Dee Navy Coat
    2. Moncler Grey Coat
    3. Parajumpers Mariah Coat
    4. A Dee Black Coat

    Again we have a wide range of coats available for girls this season, whether your coat has to be blue, black or white we have a wide range available for you shop now!  

    New in boys coats!


    1. Moschino Padded Coat
    2. Canada Goose Blue Eakin Parker
    3. Parajumpers Blue Ugo Jacket

    Shop our padded coats to keep you warm this winter, with brands such as Parajumpers, Canada Goose, Stone Island and Burberry.

  • Hugo Boss Do World Cup


    In aid of the world cup Hugo Boss have brought out a range of world cup t-shirts, polos and caps in a range of countries featured in the world cup.

    Were here to share the range with you. Here at Kids Cavern we have designs featuring Spain, England, France and Brazil.

    T- shirts 

    These T-shirts are perfect for the world cup season this summer, not only are they great to help show support to your team but these tops are gorgeous bright colours perfect for summer time paired with shorts and chinos whether is for holiday nights are summer fun at home!


    Hugo Boss World Cup Tops

    1- White England Top

    2- Blue Italy Top

    3- Spain Top

    4- Brazil Top


    For smarter occasions we also have the designs available in polos again available in bright summer colours, get supporting your favourite team!

    Hugo Boss World Cup Polo

    1- Brazil Polo

    2- England Polo

    3- France Polo

    4- Spain Polo


    Complete the look with matching cap, perfect for holidays this summer!


    1- England Cap

    2- Spain Cap

    3- Brazil Cap

    4- France Cap

  • Summer Edit: Boys

    Boys Summer Edit

    Were back to give you are top picks for boys this summer, from clothes to accessories we have picked out the best of this season!

    Boys summer edit


    1- This Moschino boys red & navy set featuring the iconic bear logo is perfect for this time of year, the top is also very versatile as you can wear this with jeans throughout other seasons!

    2- MC2 have got an amazing collection out this summer, including this Saint Barth White Melon Top! Wear with shorts, chinos or even jeans on those chilly nights!

    3- These Kenzo blue logo shorts are perfect for every day, the elasticated waist and cotton jogger material make these so comfortable!

    Boys Swimwear


    1- These Roberto Cavalli Boys Blue/ Yellow swim shorts are bound to make a statement by the pool this summer!

    2- Ea7 have got a wide range of swim shorts this season including these gorgeous royal blue shorts

    3- Tommy Hilfigure have also brought out an amazing range of swim short this season and are one of our favourites, in particular these stripe swim shorts.

    Boys summer Accessories

    1- Hugo Boss have a range of different caps for the summer months, this blue logo cap is also available in: White, Black, Yellow and Orange.

    2- Hugo Boss navy flip flops are a must have this summer to go with any outfit, pair with a pair of short for by the pool on any holidays!

    3- Marcelo Burlon Sliders also make the perfect summer shoe with a moulded sole making these unbelievably comfortable!



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