Step into Wonderland...

After celebrating the publications 150th birthday last year, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland has kept a strong hold over the public’s imagination, with many creative’s and designers using the story and its characters as inspiration for their design.

Alice in Wonderland tells the story of a restless young girl who falls down a rabbit hole and enters a magical world. Her journey through this fantasy land shows Alice meeting a weird but wonderful assortment of characters, including the late White Rabbit, the grinning Cheshire Cat and the crazy Mad Hatter. Alice finds herself in a tricky situation when she ends up in the court of the Queen of Hearts, a tyrannical character who is obsessed with taking people’s heads off!

Lewis Carroll’s fantasy tale was brought to life in 1951 by Disney, and has become a classic animated film loved and cherished all over the world.

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Well known for their Disney inspired prints, Italian brand Monnalisa has incorporated Alice and her friends into their new Autumn/Winter collection for 2016.

Monnalisa was founded in Arezzo, in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, creative director. The philosophy of the brand is ‘based on the unique combination of entrepreneurship, innovation, search for new markets, unique styling and a specific attention to the development of company resources and abilities’. It is a elegant and versatile brand that today has six collections for girls : Monnalisa bebè, Monnalisa, Monnalisa Chic, Monnalisa Couture, Jakioo, Fun; and one for boys : Hitch-Hiker – all from 0 to 16 years old.

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Monnalisa’s collections are romantic and girly yet bare a contemporary, quirky edge season after season. This season is no different, with their use of Alice in Wonderland on dresses, skirts and shoes. The pieces from the collection are adorned with pink bows, pleats and gorgeous pastel colours to make them super feminine and pretty. We particularly love the cream printed boots, made from neoprene fabric and tea party dress, showing our favourite scene from the movie, the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

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