Barts: The coolest and coziest way to stay warm this winter

Started by one man 15 years ago Barts has become one of the World’s leading brands for winter accessories and here at Kids Cavern we are loving their range of faux fur hats, mittens, scarves, earmuffs, head bands and bags.

Hats are big news for autumn/winter 2011 from berets and beanies to trilibies and trappers. Barts trapper-style hats with earflaps are proving to be the headgear of the season, as both a way to keep warm and to make a style statement.  At Kids Cavern we’ve got two great styles of Barts trapper hat:  the luxurious faux fur bomber, comes in one size which fits all; the stylish kamikaze, is available in two childrens sizes. But at Kids Cavern we know the largest size fits most adults, take a look at fashionista Mollie from The Saturdays wearing hers.



Gordon Richardson, design director of Topman says trapper hats have ‘become a unisex hit that fuse function and fashion. It’s easy to wear and fits perfectly with the current trend for heritage and outdoorsy looks’
So that’s the head taken care of, what about those chilly hands? Not to worry, as Barts do a fantastic range of cosy faux fur paw mittens in stylish colours; rabbit, camel and black. It’s not just us at Kids Cavern that love these massive mittens:  InStyle magazine have picked out Barts faux fur paws as one of the best winter accessories out there this season.



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